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14' 59''

Micro-theater play

Scenic Design

Lighting Design

This play was designed to fit in a restrained space of 4 by 4 meters to keep the essence and the intimate feel that distinguishes micro-theater. The scenery is mainly conformed by cardboard boxes of different sizes positioned in ways that reflect instability, fragility, and disorientation. Cardboard boxes are commonly related to memories and the past since they are common places to store memories from different moments of our lives, these boxes fill the stage to emulate how time often becomes overwhelming, and we start feeling that we are going to fall apart because of its pressure. The intention is to make the audience feel claustrophobic from the moment they enter the space where the play takes place. The colors of the lighting contrast with the costume design and propitiate an atmosphere of magic and mystery that remains throughout the play.

These clips include the introduction and climax of the story to demonstrate how the different set pieces and effects contribute to the story and interact with the characters. The light design shows how the reactions and perspectives of the characters change as they move in the space. The cold fog effect serves as a representation of time covering the physical space and suffocating the characters. This effect reappears in specific moments of the story to reinforce this atmosphere. The sound design is a direct reference to time, and it serves as a hint for the audience to understand what the characters are talking about as time is not verbally mentioned in the dialogues, but instead, it is presented as an abstract concept that is discussed along the course of the story. At the end of the play (not shown in the clips), when times runs out, there's a pendulum clock sound that freezes time and fills the space with eternal fog to indicate to the conclusion of the story.

14'59" won 4 prizes in the "Festival de la Cultura y las Artes 2019" including Best Montage and Best Play.

Clips of 14'59''

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