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Behind the mask



This sculpture is a self-portrait that shows, at first glance, characteristics that are normally shown to meet the expectations of others. However, when you place the sculpture in front of a mirror, more words are revealed on the surface of the mask; things that we normally try to hide from others in order to gain validation from society. This piece is intended to be a call to action on mental health and self-awareness. We are in a world in which we live with a constant battle within ourselves that is not noticeable from the outside, but when we observe ourselves, our failures and negative characteristics often seem to outweigh those that really matter. It is necessary to be able to identify our emotions and our problems to heal and improve, but we must not allow them to overwhelm us and become a limitation when pursuing our goals.

This mask is sculpted from clay to model in the shape of a human face. On the outside, the sculpture has words written with black paint and other words written with invisible UV ink. The sculpture is hollow inside, where the surface is covered with small pieces of mirror to reflect the ultraviolet light from a lamp that is inside. When the mask is placed in front of the mirror, the light that comes out of the eyes of the mask and reflects off the mirror to reveal the invisible UV ink.

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