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CalArts 50th Anniversary Happenings

A sensory landscape beyond the physical invites you to an experience of astral intensity
The outside world fades away as audience members put on diffraction glasses to immerse themselves into blink. Light, sound, and the human body serve as vessels through which we examine rebirth. We pull from the religious and cultural zeitgeist to meditate on the death of the human ego, the liminal space of purgatory, and the realization that we are one with the universe.
Multiple technical elements culminate into a visceral, supernatural landscape, including visual illusion techniques, lasers, ultraviolet light, fog, diffraction glasses, and a soundscape. The performance element includes multiple movement styles and a direct connection with the audience; Therefore each performance is different and conjured in the moment. Audiences are submerged into an unrepeatable experience in which they are reborn alongside the performer.

Content warning:

This experience makes use of strobe lights, lasers, and fog.


Experience Designer

Pablo de Larrañaga Aramoni

Pablo is an Experience Designer who inspires and empowers through encounters that culminate in transformation. His work immerses people in contexts that encourage powerful interactions, reflections, and conversations that allow humans to collectively experience the truths we all share.​ He has led the production of large-scale immersive events, developed new forms of experiential performance, created sound-responsive art installations, coordinated Art Departments for film, designed sets for theatrical performances, and more.​ He is currently pursuing a BFA in Experience Design and Production, and a Digital Arts Minor, at CalArts.​



LinkedIn /pablodel


Performer and Choreographer

Madison Stamm

Madison Stamm is an LA-based multidisciplinary artist working in acting, dance, poetry, improv, and figure drawing modeling. Madison is a member of SAG-AFTRA and represented by Aqua Talent and Ideal Talent. BFA Acting, California Institute of the Arts. Notable collaborations include: Hyundai, Proactiv, The Center for New Performance, MOCA Geffen, Ouro Gallery, Mirius Gallery, Hand Follows Eye Studio, and Shakespeare Dallas.


Actor’s Access link

Instagram @madisonstammina


Direction Consultant

Héctor Álvarez

Performance Consultant

Ryan Nebreja

Featuring music and sounds from:

The Beatles

Lido Pimienta


Thom Yorke

Pan Daijing

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Oneohtrix Point Never

Mercedes Nasta

Claire Chase

Alias Conrad Coldwood

Drepung-Loseling Monastery

Holly Herndon

Westminster Williamson Voices

Sponsored by the CalArts Student Union and the CalArts 50th Anniversary


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