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Environment sketching

Digital sketch

Digital sketching

Visual storytelling

Pancake rocks

This environment sketch takes reference from seaside natural landscape photos from New Zealand. It is referenced by breaking down the photos into shapes to identify a shared shape language. Different silhouettes built using this shape language, serve as an inspiration to design a new environment.

These sketches show different perspectives a seaside train station located on top of rock formations.


The next sketch references New Zealand's ancient Māori culture and traditions.

This sketch shows the market of a village suspended over water.

Lighting and Mood

These sketches show the different atmospheres that different lighting can evoke. The past sketches were taken a step forward by giving them more depth, adding details, and adjusting the perspective. In these sketches, specific narratives and elements are reinforced to convey the emotions and feelings needed to tell the story that takes place in each of these environments.