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Eternity on me

A sensory landscape beyond the physical invites you to an experience of astral intensity

Live Performance

Experience Designer • Lighting Designer ​
In the liminal space of purgatory, where live performance meets immersive experience, Eternity on me explores and recontextualizes one question: What is Death?
Throughout this experience, guests wear diffraction glasses to enter an ethereal environment of light in which two performers use the expressive range of their bodies to interact with the rhythm of an enveloping soundscape.

Light, movement, and the human body serve as storytelling devices in a performance that pulls from diverse cultural and religious sacred texts that examine Death and The Afterlife to recontextualize them in many forms: Death of the human ego, the Death of a relationship, the Death of the planet due to human activity, the Death of culture due to the homogenization of the human experience, the Death of civilization due to extinction.

The mesmerizing effect of the diffraction glasses worn by the guests is enhanced by utilizing visual illusion techniques, lasers, ultraviolet light, and fog. All these elements coexisting with each other create a visceral, supernatural, liminal space incomparable to daily life. This focus on the senses,  combined with our performers and sound design, removes the audience from the outside world. Thus, audiences are completely in the moment, totally submerged in a context in which the performers get to confront and interact directly with the audience and their environment through relevant text, voice, and movement.

Credits Héctor Álvarez Ryan Nebreja • Madison Stamm Annalee Taylor

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