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 Festival highlighting the diverse forms of expression that shaped Latin American culture as we know it today

Cultural Event

Graphic and Scenic Designer
The visual elements of this event are an ode to the diversity of stories, experiences, and expressions that define each region of Latin America. These unique elements have contributed to a shared history and culture that transcends borders, connecting us all with a rich and vibrant tapestry of shared heritage.
For this week-long celebration, the walls of CalArts got taken over by hundreds of posters featuring over 130 distinctly Latin American phrases.
Inspired by the urban art found on the streets of Latin American towns and cities, for our graphic design we utilized the power of color and language to evoke the diversity of murals, rótulos, chichas, and calligraphic art that have historically served as a social and unifying bridge between our communities, inviting personal interpretation and unique experiences to enrich the viewer's perspective.
An array of artistic workshops and events, spanning across mediums such as music, film, literature, and art, came together to celebrate the richness and diversity of Latin American culture. These events were a platform for promoting intercultural dialogue, fostering greater understanding, and encouraging collaboration.

Event Organizers Jeannette Srinivasan  • Joshua Salgado • Lily Salcedo

Special Thanks CalArts Costume Shop • Christina Dailey

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