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Short film


Production Design

Sound and Editing

This short film was made to participate in the sixth edition of the "Festival de Cuento en Corto". In this edition, the main theme was "Morelia de mis recuerdos" (Morelia from my memories), in which short films were created had to tell the stories from a Morelia from the past, stories which now shape the identity of our city. Each short film had a sub-theme which for this particular short film was "Crime". With the intention of appropriating and adapting the sub-theme to an original story, we decided to situate history at a time social transformation worldwide, in which Morelia was not the exception and a tragic event took place as the greatest precursor of the fight for the freedom of speech in Mexico. This event unleashed a series of events that eventually culminated two years later in the "Matanza de Tlatelolco". This, we believe, was Morelia's greatest crime in the last century.

This story takes place in my Morelia in 1966. It tells the not well-known successes of a student movement that was the predecessor of one of the biggest massacres of Mexico's history as it was the first open fire against unarmed civilians protesting in Mexico. This short film is available on its original language, Spanish, without subtitles and it includes copyrighted music material appropriately referenced in the credits.

"Matamoros" got nominated to 11 of 13 awards of the 6th edition of the "Festival de Cuento en Corto" including: Best Short Film, Best Direction, Best Ambiance, Best Edition and Best Photography.

Short Film


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