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Mexico's Great Civilizations

Projection mapping over model


Model making

Animation and editing

This projection mapping is composed of individual animated pieces of documentary images, photography, and videos adapted to surfaces and spaces using VPT8 software. The different pieces combined tell the story of the beginnings, the rise, and the fall of some of the most important civilizations and empires in Mexico's history. The content projection mapping is backed up by in-depth research about the history, geography, and culture of the civilizations that once flourished in mesoamerican Mexico.

The model used for the mapping is built as a versatile surface where projection mappings of any kind can be projected. The model is mainly composed of geometric shapes arranged to cover most of the projection space. The pieces of the model are made out of compact cardboard covered by white, translucent, and reflective surfaces. Each independent piece can be freely arranged in layers to give depth and adapt to the necessities of different projection mappings.

For this projection mapping, each piece represents a different civilization by showing a compilation of the art, culture, history, and legacy that each of them left to humanity. Each civilization corresponds to a specific piece that emulates with size, shape, and its position some of the geographical characteristics and historical importance of each of the civilizations. The animation accurately represents the chronological order of the rise and fall of each empire. Some of the featured civilizations and empires are the Aztec, Mayan, Olmec, Zapotec, Mixtec, and Toltec. As the mapping finishes, we can witness how the Spanish Empire starts conquering parts of the territory of what now is Mexico until the start the period of history known as the "Virreinato". The sound design includes copyrighted music from third parties.

Mexico's great civilizations

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