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Augmented Reality Painting



Augmented Reality

Michhuahcan is the native Purépecha name of the region of Mexico that I'm from, and it means “place of fishermen”. This artwork is a nostalgic visit to the sights and sounds of my region. This painting emulates a traditional style specific to Mexican folk art that is hand-painted by artisans in a material called “amate”. This piece gives a modern twist to this art style by bringing to life some of the traditions and beliefs of the Purépecha people with the help of augmented reality. In the painting, there are references to the country life in the fields of Michoacán, the traditional piñatas, the monarch butterflies that fill the forests of Michoacán each fall, a cemetery covered with offerings for "Día de Muertos", Pátzcuaro Lake with its iconic fishermen, and finally the traditional dance "Danza de los Viejitos". There's particular reference to the belief that the souls of loved ones return each year embodied in beautiful butterflies for Día de Muertos. The sound design is an extract from the contemporary Purépecha song from the autonomous community of Cherán. The song is called “Cherán Keri” by Héctor Guerra, Ruben Albarran, Lengualerta, Roco Pachukote, Hueso and Moyenei.


Animated painting

The original painting was digitalized and broken down into 8 separate layers to create a sense of depth when experiencing the virtual extension of the painting. Then,  3 out of the 8 layers got computer-animated to bring certain elements of the painting to life. After extensive planning and development of the project, now the digital extension of the painting is available in the art specialized augmented reality platform called "Artivive".

You can experience an augmented
reality extension for this artwork

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