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Not a grading system

Interactive infographic

Education by design

A redesign to the way feedback is given in education. This interactive infographic proposes three different types of learning experiences that complement each other to create an environment in which learning is more equitable, inclusive and accessible.

Grades are ineffective.
Grades are subjective.
Grades punish originality.
Grades undermine creativity.
Grades lead to plagiarism.
Grades encourage cheating.
Grades cause insecurities.
Grades induce anxiety.
Grades are harmful.
Grades discriminate.
Grades make diversity invisible.
Grades make us afraid of failure.
Grades limit access to education.
Grades don't allow experimentation.
Grades override different ways of learning.
Grades aren't the feedback we need.
Grades shouldn't be the end goal.
This is not a grading system.

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