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Romance de mi ciudad


Geo-based sound design

In Morelia, at the end of the Aqueduct, the pink quarry and the beautiful fountains make up a very unique place. Within its walls, the Alley of Romance treasures love stories that for centuries have filled this place with legends and mysticism.

This sound experience invites you to explore this intimate place like never before. By listening to the verses of Lucas Ortiz, you will immerse yourself in the stories that throughout the years continue inspiring the people who go through this alley.


Hosted in the Sound mapping and spatial audio platform Echoes, this soundwalk is an immersive experience that brings to life the verses of the poet Lucas Ortiz allowing the audience to rediscover places from Morelia in a new way.


To listen to this soundwalk you need to get the Echoes app on your iOS or Android device then scan the QR code below using your camera (or you can click here). To have the full experience you need to go and take a stroll through the Romance Alley (Callejón del Romance) located in the city of Morelia, however, if you can't visit this location you still manually play some of the sounds and narrations of this soundwalk using the Echoes app. To make this a more accessible experience, a transcript of the narration corresponding to different parts of the alley is also available in the app.


Below you can also take a virtual walk through the alley as you listen to the narrations.

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