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Scenic design and fabrication

Immersive installation

This immersive installation piece explores the many ways we seek and find refuge in our lives. Ashrama combines and connects various artistic disciplines through the creation of an new environment, a place of refuge. The space invited the audience to interact with ideas of refuge, of home, spiritual relief, and escape. 

Mood board

Gathering inspiration mainly from spiritual refuge, the tapestry hanging from the ceiling references different handicrafts and traditions. The abstract geometric shapes create a dome that emulates the protection and shelter that a refuge provides. These gestures communicate to the audience the intention of the space without alluding to any specific culture or religion, it seeks to synthesize the elements that makeup refuge in a way that is universal and familiar to each member of the audience, regardless of their background. Materials, shapes, and colors are kept simple to communicate the idea of comfort, closeness, and coziness. Reference images are mainly from the "Barriletes gigantes" from Guatemala and the "Tzicuri" from the Wixárika community in Mexico.

Physical model

Digital model

Construction and fabrication process

Photos of the immersive installation