Living Music Video

Let’s rethink a music video. How can we create an experience without the performer? The experience must be an appropriate fit for the song taking into consideration the mood of the music, the rhythm, the lyrics, or the artist’s previous branding.

Collaborators: Ilse Castro, Bonnie Kim and Shannon Siegel.

Power in Numbers

A kinetic moment using multiples of a lo-fi technology to create an overwhelming experience.

Collaborators: Jae Lee, Sajen Green, and Hazel He


Holography is a photographic technique that records the light scattered from an object and then presents it in a way that appears three-dimensional. This process involves the use of lasers to illuminate the subject and to record its image. Unlike traditional photography, which captures a two-dimensional image, holography captures the light field emitted by an object. This is achieved by recording the interference pattern between two light beams: the reference beam and the object beam, which reflects off the subject.

Hologram setup sketches 

Single beam reflection (our setup)

Split beam transmission setup

Denis Gabor holography proof of concept experiment in 1947