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Corporate identity manual

Graphic design

This is a corporate identity manual developed for Integra, a company that provides consulting, advisory, and solution production services for the incorporation and adaptation of digital technologies in educational and training processes.


Integra's mission is to generate value for our clients, collaborators, investors, and the community through the development of knowledge, solutions, and digital tools that optimize the quality of their educational and training processes.


Integra's vision is to lead the transformation of education and training through the values of innovation, quality, and social commitment to serve the community.


Some values and concepts that they wanted to encapsulate in their corporate identity were:


Educational, technological, friendly, adaptable, continuous, efficient, integral, modern, relevant, versatile, timely, disruptive, transcendent.


Below you can take a look at the creative process of the design.


This interactive slideshow contains the finished corporative identity manual of Integra:

(The slideshow is only available in Spanish in the desktop version of this website)

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