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Off-planet environment


3D modeling



This model represents a design of a room in an environment from another planet.

The creative process of this model starts by the creation of 3 gesture models of possible design directions for the room. These gesture models capture big ideas (such as shape, form, energy, and motion) that will serve as a reference later on in the design.

Then, the process continued by experimenting with different textures, surfaces and materials that would influence the design of the final model.

After this, digital 3D models were used to plan the way in which the final model was going to be approached.

Below, you can see the main structure of the model made out of white foam core.

The foam core pieces were pained individually to then be reassembled.


Then the off-planet terrain was made using polyurethane expanding foam that was then carved to fit the room and be painted.

The texture and paint of the terrain were achieved by using spray paint and natural materials according to the scale of the model (1/4 inch scale).