Retro Rave

Scenic design 

Themed event

Immersive experience

The CalArts Halloween Event is an annual celebration where artists from the different schools at CalArts gather and showcase their uniqueness in a large-scale themed event. In 2021 the theme was Retro Rave: Party in Virtual Reality and it took place outdoors for the first time in its history.

Mood board

This space was designed as a photo opportunity and resting area. The narrative of the area that was envisioned was of a place of transition where event attendees transcend from our material world to the virtual reality in which the party takes place. This is a meeting point where different realities converge with ours, causing abstract manifestations of different materials and textures inspired by retrofuturism, vaporware, and retrowave art styles. The team kept this narrative cohesive and consistent throughout the event production process.

Design proposal

Drafts and models

Textures and materials

Construction and fabrication process

Photos of the event

This project would not have been possible without the help of Sally Cho, Grace Hlavacek, Kenzie Caulfield, and all the members of the production team of the event.