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Retro Rave

Retrofuturistic party with dedicated themed spaces inspired by nostalgia and retrowave aesthetics
Scenic Designer ​

Themed Event


The CalArts Halloween Party is an annual celebration that showcases the uniqueness and creativity of CalArts students in a large-scale themed event.​ In 2021 the theme was "Retro Rave: Party in Virtual Reality" and it took place outdoors for the first time in its history.

This space was designed as a photo opportunity and resting area. The narrative of the space was that of a place of transition where event attendees transcend from our material world to the virtual reality in which the party takes place; a meeting point where different realities converge with ours, causing abstract manifestations of different materials and textures inspired by retrofuturism and synthwave aesthetics. 

Credits Sally Cho Grace Hlavacek Kenzie Caulfield

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