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The Lemming Effect

A psychological drama about the pursuit of one's true self in a world that values conformity over emotion


Scenic Designer
This play follows the journey of Lexa as they struggle to find fulfillment and inner peace in a monotonous life that over time has lost its meaning. Inside Lexa's mind, four identities compete for control as the story explores the repercussions of suppressing emotions beyond one's limit and the resulting breaking point.

The Lemming Effect examines the search for fulfillment, both physically and spiritually as it challenges audiences to examine their own identities and consider the role that emotional fulfillment plays in having a meaningful life.
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Assistant Scenic Designer Hong Ju Lee

Director and Playwright Grant Garcia

Cast Shireen Heidari • Steele Howell • Kelli English • Venice Mountain Zona • Olivia Ross • Sawyer Shine

Design and Production Team Karen Ayala • Mia Condon • Oliver Gifford • Clara King • Becky King • Jordyn Ryan • Skylar Shen

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